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Casino Complaint DoubleDown Casino On Facebook IGT Unethical Business Practices And Scams Discussion in '' started by .
Thread Status: Not open for further replies.
Four or so years ago, maybe less, Facebook introduced one of the best online casino's around, the infamous DoulbeDown Casino.
They got up to over Five million 'likes' during that time.
However, in Jan of 2012, they sold the app to IGT.
So, to make it short they allow customers to buy millions of chips, have 'technical' issues for days, lose the chips and never replace the chips they lost.
They have complaints now to the FTC.
THey plan I understand to make their online casino into a real online casino in the future, but if they continue to steal from their customers and refuse to replace chips or even respond, unless it's a generic sarcastic reply I am afraid they will rip off people big time which would be a travesty for compulsive gamblers.
Needless to say they need to be investigated.
They also 'changed' their terms of service just since August of this year to accomodate all of their complaints.
And if you read the condititions under which DDC was purchased you can't help but wonder if the consumer is being ripped off so they can get their pay quicker.
We're sorry your having a bad experience in the casino good luck Screw that!
Refund peoples money and don't give us that crap you can't help us because the prior owners sure had no problem going through each account and making them right.
The most highly advanced slot makers in the world and they are always upgrading or having technical issues???
BS that's usually when the chips here at a time come up missing and they 'claim' to many they do not have proof.
Please check into this I know many are reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission.
If they have a good explanation for their actions, then please tell us.
There are a few of these casino apps.
It seems they get around the law by ensuring that you can never convert chips back to real money.
This somehow is not gambling, but treated like any other online game where you buy things such as power or health.
They also have to provide some means to play for free, which they do.
I have been trying an app using Microgaming games, and it seems they launch with many free chip giveaways, and then gradually scale them back and promote chip sales instead.
You won't catch me buying chips for a casino that offers no facility to cash them back for real money.
Fan page is not accurate anymore.
Ever since complaints were filed with the Attorney Generals Office asking that office to review the complaints from the comments page, DDC took to deleting comments as fast as they came in and at some points I would follow the comments and they would come in so fast that DDC couldn't keep up with deleting them.
DDC has also taken up the task of making false comments using fake players identities to mask the anger players have towards the casino now.
If you complain in the comments section, they just now delete that person from commenting anymore.
So now you cannot rely on the comments section anymore because it all changed when the complaint got filed, and miraculously the comments section changed overnight to simple "Like" "Love this Casino" "Thanks for the Chips" and the like, all of which didn't used to be there before.
All of the fans of DDC in the fan pages which are thousands, all stay connected thru replies on different pages and keep each other informed as the the winnings and losings of how players are doing.
And let me tell you thru my free doubledown casino chips august 2018 personal experience and listening to others, DDC has completely changed and nobody wins nothing anymore.
It's just one complete ripoff.
I've been playing the game for over 2 years and it is quite sad to see the transformation since IGT bought it.
This is just a reply about the comments section of DDC, but I plan on writing my full review today and submitting it to Casinomeister, thanks for giving us a place to review DDC and IGT.
There are many frustrated players and they will also be posting here shortly, and hopefully some people at DDC and IGT will get fired cause this sorely needs to happen.
Thanks for letting me comment to this post!
DoubleDown casino was the premiere casino on Facebook.
If they plan on going to real gambling online I can only fear their dishonesty if they continue these types of' mysterisous chips missing' and can't replace opinion play street fighter 2018 online message />I copied and pasted the whole page here so i am 'quoting' them.
IT was not work.
Before you all worked on the games I had over 6 million coins.
When the game came back on AT2;30 THE NEXT DAY I HAD 150 COIN.
I don't know what happened but now I can't get on at all and can't contact them using their method.
Everytime I try to contact either on Facebook or website, I get an "authentication error" and says that there is an invalid account.
I have tried everything it said to do but it directs me back to the same message.
Don't have a clue why they would have blocked me if this is the case.
It is very frustrating to not even be able to contact them by any method.
I have an Authentication Error.
Also says my account is invalid.
Please help as soon as you can.
Donna Earles 1st of Jul, 2012 by Rippedoff061 0 Votes On the evening of June 30th or in your case probably July 1st I played in 2 separate tournaments and although I placed 3rd in one tournament and 9th in another the tokens, or coins were not awarded.
One was classic slots at 600, 000 tokens the other was European vacation at 6, 000, 000 tokens.
I realize you have been experiencing technical issues, like no gifts being sent and the tournament area was shut down for awhile.
However, I expect that when I play the prize stated is awarded.
Are we no deserving of receiving something special to help us celebrate our Canada Day.
I had over 500, 000.
When the site came back it showed i had 0 coins.
I know this is not real but since i purchase coins all the time i feel it is my money that disappeared.
Also what happened to the gift giving ability it has disappeared also.
I really enjoy this casino game more than any of the rest and would hate to have to find a new game to play.
Please free doubledown casino chips august 2018 the issue.
Can anything be done to make them pay or change their current business practices?
I have been ripped off for the last time by DoubleDown Casino.
Company is worth over 500MM, and they have payouts that are so incredibly poor, you would be better off playing at a real casino.
This is a 'game' and it should be enjoyable.
Instead, chips are sucked up so quickly.
And, when your chips automatically disappear, there is little done to resolve the issue--the proof is on the player to get resolution.
My most recent experience: I lost 127MM chips in one hour.
Reel spun for about 160 times.
Never hit a bonus.
Before that, I watched as 7MM chips just disappeared while I was sitting there.
I won a bonus and instead of giving me chips, they took them away!
And, amazingly, they have no record.
This is not out of the ordinary for what I have witnessed.
While you play for chips and not cash, if you pay to play, there should be governance over what the payouts have to be.
I cannot believe there are no controls over this scam.
I played for a while many months back but became so fed up with all the issues, I blocked the game.
I recently came back to give it another try.
It's even worse now than it was before.
And, when the games are not working properly, as the DaVinci Diamonds game has not worked properly for a month now, there is no proactive resolution.
Or resolution when you report the issues.
I was told there were no records of my disappearing chips so my case was closed.
The bonus spins extra free spins did not work properly for weeks.
I would like to see their reporting on their payouts and validate they are real people who win all the contests and jack pots.
I am absolutely disgusted by this site.
I have also lodged a complaint with Facebook as they have responsibility for the company's poor business practices.
I have not been treated fairly free doubledown casino chips august 2018 received a product I am satisfied with.
I would have had more fun watching it sail down into the sewage system.
These business practices are simply just unacceptable.
Why ask for both email and cell phone?
Something is wrong with the game and now it has become a huge pain in the ass.
Seems the more I complained the worse it became.
I went from being UP 75 million to negative 56 million in winnings.
I have experienced most, if not all of these problems in spite of using different browsers and operating systems.
I too play for the fun, but lately it has been a major pain in the butt and the last week alone tournaments have not been working properly.
Today I cannot sign in because it says I have to upgrade my flash player.
Went free doubledown casino chips august 2018 Adobe and everything is up to date and I can play all my other games.
FB is also under the impression that when you free doubledown casino chips august 2018 your account you can still set up a separate account to play Doubledown.
It reactivated my FB account which I DID NOT want to do.
I went to a negative 75, 000, 000 chips in 2 days.
How the hell does that happen.
I think they are a rip off and I will never play them again.
They need to be investigated for fraud because of their crappy underhanded business practices.
Is there anyway to file a complaint on them somewhere?
They have blocked me from contacting them.
You can't cash them in nor buy anything with them.
I had no trouble winning more chips but it really is pointless as I can't do anything with them.
So why pay for worthless chips?
However, if you do pay for air chips, then it shouldn't disappear on whim of DDC.
You don't deposit your own money to free play.
Can anyone on this thread tell me what you can win from this Facebook casino?
You don't deposit your own money to free play.
I don't think you can win anything, just more chips to be able to continue playing the games for free without any chance of winning anything more than.
I would rather play for free in a real online casino.
That was actually what I did when I first started playing online.
A cheap pleasure I don't think you can win anything, just more chips to be able to continue playing the games for free without any chance of winning anything more than.
I would free doubledown casino chips august 2018 play for free in a real online casino.
That was actually what I did when I first started playing online.
A cheap pleasure I believe opinion cashout method 2018 are are depositing some.
They are buying chips to be able to play, but noone can cash out anything.
Now however, even when you buy them after your daily free chips or bonuse chips.
The casino has nothing to lose but to be so cheap as to force you to BUY chips to pay is bad.
I agree and understand you all.
What I still wonder is why are you continue to playing there?
Give me one good reason please.
Now however, even when you buy them after your daily free chips or bonuse chips.
The casino has nothing to lose but to be so cheap as to force you to BUY chips to pay is bad.
Pretty sure you answered your own question here.
In order to do this they need to flatten the economy that was boosted by the previous owners.
It is a "game" just like tower defense etc where you pay for in-game content.
Hence, its probably pointless submitting a PAB.
It is not a case of winnings not being paid etc, as its not possible to have winnings in the first place.
The "scam" isn't the disappearing chips.
IMO this is not an online casino.
It is a "game" just like tower defense etc where you pay for in-game content.
Hence, its probably pointless submitting a PAB.
It is not a case of winnings not being paid etc, as its not possible to have winnings in the first place.
The "scam" isn't the disappearing chips.
Gotta agree with Nifty here, this is just a game for enjoyment just like any other Facebook game.
You are paying for content, almost every game on Facebook will have some sort of "Buyable" content but no one is forced to buy it.
Developers also need to make money and if you think the price is to high then don't buy them and move on to another one of the 100's of casino apps on Facebook.
I play Mousehunt and Avengers etc on Facebook after buying content should I be allowed to withdraw the mice or superheroes I have acquired Sorry, sarcasm aside I see this as only a game of fun!
I am very familiar with how poorly they are run.
They are unethical to the extreme.
They have the popular slots that you see in all the land casinos such as Cleopatra.
IGT I suppose people think its cheaper to pay for chips then to play for real.
I agree with Nifty.
Can anyone answer this question.
I do not know where I saw this or why I think this.
Are they in the works to convert to a real online gaming casino for real funds instead of link play?
I keep thinking about it and can't come up with a reason?
How long would those 200 million chips last?
I have many friends who are disabled, and can't get out and on limited funds.
The slots were the best on the awards 2018 weekend hiphop bet atlanta, very good graphics, and lots and lots of fun.
They answered all support questions and went through your account and if any missing by gosh they made sure you got credit.
Some people like to play High roller games.
It's a cheap way to play and used to be extremely entertaining.
But here's the problem, NOW they give us under usually 100K a day on their free spins, The games are 4000 dollar bets, and when you play the 100K .
Because we used to get GOOD free spins and I rarely had to buy spins it was an option.
But NOW you have to BUY them.
Who from support sends you a comment that 'you're having a gray period' in your life GIVE ME A BREAK Your user name or email address: Do you already have an account?
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