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kat wilson tattoo My Beauty And The Beast tattoo by Kat Wilson from Hello Sailor, in Blackpool, UK. My Beauty And The Beast tattoo by Kat Wilson from Hello Sailor, in Blackpool, UK.
Beauty And Beast Mosaic Tattoo By Kat Wilson. Published on July 23, 2016 , under Tattoos. Love It! Love It 0. Beauty And Beast Mosaic Tattoo By Kat Wilson. Tattoo by :- Kat Wilson. Share with: Facebook; Twitter; Google+; WhatsApp. Tags: Mosaic Tattoos ...

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Skin Deep 254 - Tattoo Magazine | Skin Deep

Kat Wilson Book Appointment. Awards Best portrait tattoo freeze 2012 best portrait manchester 2012 best portrait tattoo freeze 2013 uk best female 2013. Address. Blackpool, CA FY13QE. United Kingdom. Tattoo Styles Portrait Organic Pinup Realism Realistic Trash Polka. Technique Freehand. Languages English ... Conventions Working. Tattoo Freeze 2011 · Tattoo Freeze 2012 · 11th Manchester International Tattoo Show · Tattoo Jam 2011 · Tattoo Freeze 2013 · Tattoo Jam 2013 · The Great British Tattoo Show 2014 · Tattoo Freeze 2016 · Tattoo Jam 2016. Share. Facebook · Reddit · Twitter. Tattoos ...
Beauty and the Beast tattoo. Done by Kat Wilson from Hello Sailor, in Blackpool, UK.
Our featured tattoo artist for the month of November is Kat Wilson, owner of Hello Sailor Tattoo Studio in Blackpool, England. Kat is a self-taught tattoo artis.

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BATTLE CREEK 2920 Michigan Ave.
Instagram: Email: Katrina Keteri Tattoo Kat wilson tattoo Availability: Friday - Tuesday Biography Coming soon!
Instagram: Email: Nathan Wilson Tattoo Artist Availability: Tuesday - Saturday Biography Nate is a man of few words lie and even fewer smiles bigger lie but the man lays down a clean tattoo!
Instagram: Email: Seth Gross Tattoo Artist Availability: Wednesday through Sunday Biography Seth is a bit of a kat wilson tattoo />He has been around.
He is a ginger.
Biography Beau has been piercing and tattooing since 1999.
I was born in 1980 in Kalamazoo Mi.
Shortly after that my parents finished their house in Portage where I was raised and went to school.
I did all the normal kat wilson tattoo that little boys do.
Played with toy guns, made forts in the woods, made messes ,and played with matches.
I never really got into art until I kat wilson tattoo in to middle school, and things really kicked in when I got into 11th and 12th grade.
My senior year I took as many classes that had to do with art as I could.
Like five or six a semester.
At this time I got away from the painting and 2-D art kat wilson tattoo really looked at pottery.
I saw it as a lot more hands on, and creative.
Maybe just less structured than drawing and painting.
I truly fell in love.
By the time I graduated I was playing kat wilson tattoo clay for six hours a day, never kat wilson tattoo the class room, rarely even island minimums treasure blackjack a break.
My teacher saw my focus on the medium and pointed me towards the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.
While I was taking classes at the KIA, I was also working full time at a body shop in town.
I was always into cars and saw this as an opportunity to get hands on with a subject that I was already involved in.
After starting at the bottom of the totem pole, a began working on high-end classics and street rods.
While working I started to see more and more custom paints on cars and basic flame jobs.
I quickly began getting notice by friends and was asked to do full paint jobs on motorcycles.
After doing a few I thought I could get paid for this, and Sopa Airbrush Art and Design.
I began getting tattooed at age 18.
The only problem is that the artist that was working on me moved away.
He finished the started artwork, and began my other arm.
While getting tattooed, Crab and I would talk about old cars and some of the airbrush work I was doing.
He was interested in having me do some work for the shop.
I agreed, and started painting some of the old dentist chairs they had in the tattoo booths.
After finishing the chairs I was asked if I was interested in tattooing.
After some self speculation, I agreed and started my how to signal split in blackjack in August of 2005, and started tattooing full time in January of 2006.
People call me the brain.
I have been tattooing for 3 and a half years and have been a body piercer for 7 years.
I have two beautiful babies, Addysen and Grady.
I love my life and my job.



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